Welcome to my past May it bighten your future

What I Can Do A little about me

Create, plan and manage strategies
to take the clients brand to its
maximum potetial. From logos to all
off-line needs, the most important
aspect is reaching the clients objective
without compromises to quality.

Web Development

My development can range from
the simplest static single page
of plain text to the most complex
web-based applications. Any and all
web based needs will be created
here with the utmost capacity,
using the latest methods that will
take your brand well into the future.

3D Animations

With years of knowledge and experience
with 3D creations, I can deliver the
highest quality 3D images or animations
for your every need, whether it be
a simple mock-up of a product to the
visualization of a building yet to be built.
The only limit is your imagination.

...and much more
My Latest Work
Take a look at some of my recent projects
Vivian Bassi Clinic
Casa Brasileira Museum
Gray Power
Fla Thumb
Flamengo Store
Vivian Bassi Clinic
Casa Brasileira Museum
Gray Power
Fla Thumb
Flamengo Store
Sodexo Thumb
Inglês Fluente Online
Moranguinho Thumb
Strawberry Shortcake
Kumho Thumb
BC Thumb
Black Calavados
Thumb Candela
A special way to present a loved one, this Fotomix is where it’s at! Or, if you are just looking for a nice way to represent your company. Comes in all forms, shapes and especially, sizes!
A clinic designed to serve the client with the best options to relieve stress, improve health and find new meaning in enjoyment and confort.
Posters created for the anual competition where a winner is chosen to represent the communication behind the museum’s main attraction.
A documentary created to explore what is the true natural beauty of  women as they age and how the world perceives  these paradigms.
3D development of Flamengo’s ideia of their phisical stores.
Mosaico is a new women’s brand that is growing rapidly and bringing to the market innovations with beauty and comfortable clothes.
The Sodexo Club is a portal that offers unique advantages and benefits for Sodexo cardholders. Here, you get special discounts, make reservations at the best restaurants, Delivery services with special needs and meets all Sodexo accredited network of stores in a modern search engine. The Smile Sodexo was created to compound a  service to others that already exist.
As one of the largest language schools in Brazil, there was an extensive work done to renovate the brand Inglês Fluente Online in all aspects of the company with a new logo, website and other online/offline material.
With one of the most iconic characters in the world,  Strawberry Shortcake won the children over and I participated by creating the official website of this amaizing girl. Alongside that,  Instagram and Facebook posts were created, as was developed winning promotional activities. The Strawberry Shortcake Facebook Fanpage of  was considered by the Facebook Company as one of the 10 best pages in the business in 2012.
Webpage created in Brazil for the world’s 6th largest tire company.
Beautiful nightclub full of elegance and sophistication, aimed at an audience that demands the very best in São Paulo’s diverse scene.
A modern and cool restaurant in the heart of Itaim Bibi, where a blend of innovative cuisine meets a charming and sophisticated environment. Creation of logo, business cards, menus and website design which is under development.
“I don’t play with my life by
talking nonsense. I might have some chances
in this life, but I’ve got only one chance to give…
my best shot.”
Testimonials Not sold yet? Well, here's what they say about me

“In the 60s, Godard said that ethics
is the aesthetics of the future. I still root for
this to occur. For now, all we can say is that
aesthetics is an ethic of the future.
Marcio is a modern professional, like those
who follow ethics and aesthetics.”

- Luis Grottera

“From the moment we met, I knew that
before me stood a very distinct professional.
Intelligent, focused, determined,
with an unique strategic vision.
Always using creativity as a tool to
solve his clients real problems.”

- Rodrigo Lugato

“Based on his work, I would say he was one
of the best professionals I’ve had the pleasure
of working with. Carries with him great
seriousness and responsibility in the day to
day needs. I must also highlight his flawless,
contemporary, and outstading design as well.”

- Reinaldo Cesar
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